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Färgbild - vy över Mellanfjärdens hamn med segelbåtar och sjöbodar
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Färgbild - tussilago i närbild
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Färgbild - vitsippor i närbild
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Färgbild - blåsippor i närbild

Welcome to Nordanstig - northern Hälsingland!

Perhaps we are one of the most secret destinations...
Those who have visited us do not forget us - and come back. Here you will find peace, nature and community and plenty to do. Maybe you pull up a few perches with the kids after swimming and sunbathing or play a round of golf. Or you cross-country ski on the ice or why not downhill in the ski system with 20 slopes and eight lifts. Here there is room for life, exciting meetings and community. With us, it is close to most things, but far between the beach blankets on the beaches. Here there are plenty of excursion and beautiful environments, but hardly any queues for the ice cream kiosk and lift.
Maybe you haven't heard of Nordanstig. Until now.