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Händer som håller ett ljus.

Start/ Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure in Nordanstig

Here are some good advice and information if you are planning a visit in Nordanstig. With good planning, you can relax during your stay hence, feel safe and secure.

Safety is important

There are several restrictions and guidelines to adhere when you travel, as when you visit natural areas, restaurants, campsites and museums, among other things. The most important thing is that we all help each other and show consideration. At krisinformation.se  you will find updated information about the current situation, regarding regional and national crisis in Sweden.  You can also read about the work due to the coronavirus etc at  MSB's (The Swedish Agency for Community Protection and Preparedness) website.

If you have questions or feel unsure about something, feel free to contact us:

Nordanstig's visitor service,  +46(0)652-361 10, [email protected]
or Camilla Eriksson-Uddén, Destination Manager and Tourist host, +46(0)652-367 64. 

Plan your trip

Planning is crusual.  We are happy to help you with your planning, tips and advice before your trip to us. As a smaller destination, we feel that personal service and good hospitality are important. Hence our advice to contact us at the tourist office before your trip to Nordanstig. Via phone or e-mail, and we will help you find information and solutions together before or during your visit.

Good to know

Health Care Centers

Harmånger Hälsingeläkarna AB
Weekdays 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
+46(0)652-365 00

Premicare Bergsjö Medical Practise
Weekdays 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
0652-366 00

Health Care - hospital

Hudiksvalls Hospital
Kungsgatan 33
824 81 Hudiksvall
+46(0)26-15 40 00


Bergsjö +46(0)771-45 04 50
Harmånger +46(0)771-45 04 50


Folktandvården in Bergsjö
+46(0)652-366 40


114 14

Information in the event of accidents and crises

113 13

In case of emergencies

112 - Emergency number in case of urgent emergencies. An emergency is when you quickly need help from an ambulance, rescue service, police, air-, sea-, mountain-rescue or poison information.

For advice

1177 - If you or a relative have fallen ill and need to consult a nurse, then contact 1177. You can also call this number if you want help finding the right care.