Jättendal's Fishing conservation area
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Jättendal's Fishing conservation area

på Jättendal
Martjärn is approx. 6 km from the E4 road towards Mellanfjärden. Theres also ocean fishing.

Martjärn is a long tarn surrounded by Mountains and forest. Salmon fishing in the ocean.
Fish species:
Rainbow [2] Perch [2] Pike [2] Roach [3]
(The number shows how rich the Waters are with the fish - 3 Rich, 2 Normal, 1 Scarce.)

Other species include eel.

The sport fishing will be mostly dedicated to:
Rainbow fish

Largest fishes:
5 kg Rainbow, 3 kg Pike

Fishing season:
Spring/early Summer, Summer, late Summer/Autumn, Winter/early Spring.

Best Fishing season:
Summer: Salmon, Winter: Jiggling in Martjärn.

For more information, contact Jon Olsson at 073-822 07 58