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på Sörfjärden
Unique bouldring in Sörfjärden!

Interested in climbing? In Sörfjärden you'll find a newly developed climbing area with large rocks and Boulder-problems that make the Place more interesting. The area has a lot of erratic blocks from the ice age, large grained Bright granite. The area is Close to Sörfjärden's long sand beach.

You'll find more information on the app 27crags, that will provide you with maps and suitable routes for climbing. Or visit

Equipment that you will have to bring are: A quilted foldable carpet, climbing shoes and a bag of crayons. You don't need to bring a rope or helmet since the rocks aren't taller that 3-4 meters.

As it looks now, the summer of 2020 won't have any guided tours of the area, but free climbing.

More good climbing routes can be found in Trösten, Bergsjö and Hårte. Download the app 27crags for more routes.

For more information, send an email to: [email protected]