How to get to Nordanstig Municipality

Nordanstig Municipality is located in between the two large towns/municipalities, Hudiksvall and Sundsvall. You can easily get to Nordanstig by car, boat, train or by bus.

Glada barn - Foto:Per Trané

The nearest airport with scheduled flights is Midlanda (Sundsvall Härnösand Airport) between Sundsvall and Härnösand.

We have two guest harbours for those who arrive by boat, where you can moor your boat during your visit. One of the guest harbours is in Stocka and the other is in Mellanfjärden

 You can travel within our municipality and our county on X-trafik’s buses and trains.

 We have a train station in Gnarp where the county train from Gävle/Hudiksvall and Sundsvall stops. There are also many bus stops along the main roads.


Lekande barn - Foto: Per Trané

From the south: with SJ’s trains from Stockholm, you can be in Hudiksvall within 2.5-3 hours. By coach, such as the “Ybuss”, it takes approximately 3-5 hours. The Y-buses and other long-distance coaches stop at several bus stops within the municipality along the E4 motorway. We have a train station in our municipality, in Gnarp, where X-trafik’s trains stop. It takes 30-minutes by X-train to get from Hudiksvall to Gnarp station.  X-trafik’s bus route 29 provides a service between Hudiksvall and Sundsvall through the municipality.

 X-trafik’s buses will also take you to other destinations.

From the north; by coach, for example, the Y-bus stops in Gnarp and other places. Or SJ’s trains will take you to Sundsvall and further with X-trafik to Gnarp – 25 minutes by X-train. It takes about 40 minutes by bus. X-trafik’s bus route 29 travels from Sundsvall to Hudiksvall and through the municipality.

Höstbild - Foto: Per Trané

Within the municipality there are several bus routes between the communities:
Bus route 34 Hudiksvall-Bergsjö-Hassela,
Bus route 30 Hudiksvall-Harmånger,
Bus route 32 Gnarp-Norrfjärden-Sörfjärden-Gnarp,
Bus route 33 Gnarp-Bergsjö,
Bus route 35 Harmånger-Bergsjö.
For information and prices;
Trains, SJ
Trains and buses with X-trafik

 Welcome to Nordanstig!