About Nordanstig

In northern Hälsingland, close to the centre of Sweden, you will find Nordanstig municipality. Nordanstig municipality has many beauty spots and only 9,650 inhabitants in an area of 1,380 square kilometres.

Sörfjärden - Brian, Umehran, Hanna, Waris, Khalid

The municipality extends from the coast, with its long sandy beaches, to the great forests of the hinterland. Our municipality offers lakes where you can go fishing, hunting grounds, golf courses and horse-riding trails. In the winter there is always a lot of snow and for those who enjoy skiing, there are many ski slopes and excellent cross-country ski trails. Nordanstig’s communities are small, there are no towns or cities in the municipality. Our largest population centre is called Bergsjö where the municipal office is located. Other major communities include Gnarp, Harmånger, Hassela, Ilsbo, Jättendal, Strömsbruk and Stocka.

Om Nordanstig - Foto: Per Trané

The municipality was named Nordanstig following a municipal merger in 1974. The name Nordanstig was already used in the 1300's, but does not exist as the name of a community on a map. In the centre of the municipality is Steg, it is often referred to as "Stejje" here. It is located along the path you travelled on to get to the villages around it. It is likely that people who lived North of Steg, were called Nolastejjare, nordanstigare. The north eastern corner of Hälsingland became Nordanstig.

Om Nordanstig - Foto: Per Trané

There is a horse in the municipal coat of arms which symbolises forestry and agriculture, it also has a fishing net that links the municipality to the coast and the fishing industry. The six holes in the net in the coat of arms symbolise our six parishes. The coat of arms was designed in the 1980s by Paul Persson, a native of Jättendal (one of the local villages).

Did you know that:
>> Nordanstig has 20 nature reserves
>> Nordanstig has one of Norrland's longest seaside areas (in Sörfjärden)
>> Nordanstig’s coast has 197 islands
>> Nordanstig has Sweden's highest shingle beach (Stenörn in Ilsbo)
>> Nordanstig is one of Norrland's richest archaeological areas
>> Nordanstig has approximately 500 active companies
>> Nordanstig has two golf courses
>> The famous Gränsfors axe is manufactured in Nordanstig
>> Seven of the musicians in Nordanstig’s band of folk musicians are “riksspelmän”, National Folk Musicians of Sweden, who have been awarded gold and silver Zorn badges
>> The World Cup Slalom winner 2012, André Myhrer, was born and raised in Bergsjö, Nordanstig
>> Sweden's only known female Rune Master Gunnborga, came from Vattrång in Nordanstig
>> The world-renowned tenor, Jussi Björling, (1911-1960) has his roots in Strömsbruk, Nordanstig.
>> Wilhelm Moberg's book The Emigrants is based on a diary by Joris-Pelle’s cousin, Erik Norelius, from Hassela in Nordanstig
>> The people of Hälsingland (including those from Nordanstig) were the last to sign the Svea Rikes Lag. Gustav Vasa had to fight a long time in the 1500s, before he suppressed this stubborn and independent people. They wanted to continue to be governed by their own Hälsingelag...(the laws that governed the region of Hälsingland).